Investment Accounts

Term Deposit

If you have a minimum of $1,000 to invest and are looking to earn high interest on your savings, a Bank of Cyprus Australia Term Deposit could be for you. You can choose to invest for terms ranging from 30 days to 5 years. You can also choose where your interest is to be paid at maturity such as credited to another Bank of Cyprus account, by cash or bank cheque.

Cash Management Account

A Bank of Cyprus Australia Cash Management Account has been designed for investors who wish to maximize their savings whilst having everyday access to their funds. If you have a minimum of $5000 to invest, your funds will earn a competitive rate of interest and if you maintain a minimum monthly balance above $2000, no account keeping fees apply. For your convenience, you will be issued with a personalised deposit book which allows you to deposit funds at over 1100 deposit points Australia wide.

Midas Account

The Bank of Cyprus Australia Midas Account may be the account for you, paying a high rate of interest with the convenience of quick access to funds through Internet Banking. An account may be started from as little as $10.00. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statements before making any decision on these products.