Internet Banking

The Convenience of Internet Banking has never been so Secure

At Bank of Cyprus Australia we are totally focused on providing you with the best possible service. Internet Banking is just one of the many services we offer to make your banking as flexible and convenient as possible.

It’s Great for Everyday Banking,
With the Bank of Cyprus Australia Internet Banking you can easily:
Check your account balances and review transaction history;

Transfer money between accounts in just seconds;

Pay bills at any time of the day or night;

Transfer funds to individuals or businesses;

Schedule bill payments and funds transfers for the next 60 days; and

See and print your last 60 days’ statements free.

Register Today, It’s Easy to get Started

Just four simple steps and you are on your way:

Step 1. Visit any of our branches and complete an Internet Banking Application Form.

Step 2. The Bank will call you with your password.

Step 3. Click on ‘Internet Banking’ on this site.

Step 4. Key in your Customer ID Number and Password (given to you by the Bank) and follow the easy prompts.

With the Internet you can do whatever banking you need to do, from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

And remember, with Internet Banking there is a handy Helpline for all your questions: 1300 665 062

Security is Important to us because it is so Important to you

As with any Internet site, Bank of Cyprus Australia Internet Banking gives you a Customer ID Number and a Password.

But because your security is so important, we go one step further.

We supply you with a sophisticated, easy-to-use security token.

Your security token provides an added level of security for external payments.

Your security token will ensure an additional level of security is in force for your Internet Banking.
After entering your Customer ID Number and your Password with the floating keyboard, you use your security token to display a dynamic security code that allows you to enter the Internet Banking site.

If you lose your token, you simply notify the Bank and we’ll disable it, and then supply a replacement.

NOTE: If someone else gets hold of your security token, it is of no use, for they cannot access anything without your Customer ID Number and Password.

You can Begin Enjoying these Benefits Today

Savings At Bank of Cyprus Australia, the secure option of the Internet is one of the cost effective ways to do your banking.
More convenience
because your time
is valuable

You have access to your account details 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can do your banking at the times that suit you.
Global access
Even from overseas you can continue to manage your banking as usual. You have access to all your accounts from anywhere in the world.

Simple to use
If you are not an Internet expert, that’s OK. With Bank of Cyprus Australia, Internet Banking is simpler than you might expect.

Maybe it’s Time for You to Make the Change

Internet Banking gives you quick and easy access to your Bank of Cyprus accounts via a computer connected to the Internet. It’s much more convenient because you can do your banking from home or from any place where you have access to the Internet.

Many Australians already enjoy the ease of Internet Banking. Maybe it’s time for you to check out the benefits of this option for yourself.

FAQ’s about Internet Banking

Please Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding Internet Banking.