Bank of Cyprus Australia E-Security

Bank of Cyprus Australia is a proud to partner with the Australian Government for National E-security Awareness Week, between 5–12 June 2009. We share a commitment to helping secure your information on the Internet.

Bank of Cyprus Australia’s Internet Banking has a number of security features, including:

Floating key pad for password login
In the unlikely event you experience fraud on your Bank of Cyprus Australia, you’re protected with our security guarantee provided you complied with the Bank of Cyprus Australia Internet Banking terms and conditions.
Up to date Security Alerts and Protection are available from our site
Security Token for extra security when making external payments.
Email confirmations of any online transactions ensure you will be kept informed of any activity on your account.
Five simple tips being promoted throughout the Week will help Australians use the internet in a secure and confident manner:

Get a better, stronger password and change it at least twice a year.
Get security software, and update and patch it regularly to your computer.
Stop and think before you click on links or attachments from unknown sources.
Information is valuable. Be careful about what you give away about yourself and others online.
Log on to for further information and to sign up for the email alert service.
You can bank with assurance knowing Bank of Cyprus Australia has your online security needs covered.